Digital marketing refers to online and internet marketing. Digital marketing has gained popularity in most countries such as the UK, USA, and Italy, etc. In Italy, it is referred to as web marketing. It is also known as e-marketing or I-marketing. It has become common after the year 2013. Digital marketing is the marketing of products, services, and offers using digital technology such as the internet. It includes advertising through mobile phones, social websites, and other digital mediums.

 Internet marketing has been described simply as ‘achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies’ (Chaffey et al., 2009). “Internet works thanks to the combination of a range of technologies and it is the biggest source of information mankind has ever had for its disposal. The Internet also laid the foundations of more information channels than people have created until the 20th century.” (Phillips, 2003). 

Digital marketing has changed marketing campaigns of brands and businesses using technology. Now digital platforms are more prevalent and efficient for incorporating marketing plans as people use digital devices for shopping instead of going to physical shops and markets. The introduction of new technologies has been creating new business opportunities for marketers to reach their goals. Advertising the products and services online is a powerful marketing vehicle for building brands and increasing the traffic for the branding companies to gain success.

Social media is an effective tool for advertising and marketing. An extraordinary example of a social media marketing tool is Facebook. It has opened the door for businesses and new marketing opportunities and millions of people communicate about the products and services. Benefits can be taken from social media marketing only if managers know how to engage customers and enhance their experience.

 Marketing professionals must be able to understand the online campaigns and programs to get high traffic. They must be able to do marketing effectively with performance measurements indicators. As the market dynamics are changing concerning the young audience’s accessibility to social media and usage, the marketers must use strategic approaches and marketing plans.

Blogs are a successful tool that creates an impact for the increasing sales of products where customers can read reviews of other people about the product and can also write their personal experiences. For businesses, online review works well as it increases the credibility of both the product and the company. The internet is the most powerful tool for businesses today as it affects the mental process of customers and enhances their decisions to buy things online. Now, in today’s world, the internet is changing the product brand, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategy.

The customer of today’s world is empowered. He is in control of social media and the online communication process. The customer has little trust in the corporate brand and message. The customer’s behavior is changing as he is losing trust and becoming more smart, critical, proactive, and well-informed. Therefore marketers need new knowledge, new skills, and new approaches to run their businesses with high traffic.


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  • Communication is bidirectional in digital marketing. The customer can ask queries and make suggestions about the products and services while in traditional marketing. Communication is unidirectional as a business communicated with a group of people about its products and services.
  • Medium of communication in digital marketing is mostly social media websites, chat, and Email while the medium of communication in traditional marketing is letters and phone calls.
  • Campaigning is easy through the internet in digital marketing while campaigning takes more time for designing, preparing, and launching in traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing is the best way to reach a global audience while traditional marketing is the best way to reach the local audience.
  • It is easy to measure the effectiveness of a campaign through analytics of the internet world in digital marketing while in traditional marketing, it is quite difficult.


The advantages of digital marketing are:

  • It keeps its customers updated with products and services.
  • Through digital marketing, it is easy to share details and content of products and services. Customers can visit the company’s profile, website, read information about products or services and feedback after purchasing online.
  • It keeps customers engaged and enhances business traffic. 
  • It enables customers to compare the same product of different companies easily and select high-quality products with less pricing.
  • Digital marketing easily clarifies to the customers about services and products of businesses.
  • With traditional marketing, customers first watch the advertisement then find the relevant store to purchase the product but digital marketing allows 24/7 shopping from home as it enables the instant purchase of products.


Digital marketing is now trending at the top as it is time-saving and more trustworthy due to public reviews on products. It has helped marketers to get great opportunities to spread businesses. Digital marketing is cost-effective and has a great impact on business. Small companies are now able to compete with bigger companies on equal footing.


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